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SOPPOA Workshop On Good Agriculture Practices – Sarawak Experiences

Presentations Files

Items Presentation Subjects Presented By
Paper 1 Research Findings in Sarawak Oil Palm Industry: Upstream Sector Dr Norman Hj Kamarudin
Paper 2 Update R&D On Ganoderma And Other Field Diseases In Oil Palm Dr Idris Abu Seman
Paper 3 Integrated Pest Management Of Termite And Bunch Moth In Oil Palm Planted On Peat In Malaysia Zulkefli Masijan
Paper 4 The Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizen on Yield of Oil Palm In Tropical Peat Siaw Ting Chuan
Paper 5 Strategies in Weed Management Ricky Kong
Paper 6 Tirathaba Control & Practice Kon Thian Woei
Paper 7 ISCC and MSPO Compliance for Certification Galau Melayong
Paper 8 BBC Palm Oil Mill Biogas Facility Raymond Lau
Paper 9 Effluent Desilting System – Comparision Between Belt Press and Dewaltering Ngu Leh Wui

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Workshop Programme

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Background Information

The workshop, which is the brainchild of SOPPOA Chairman Paul Wong, was held at New World Suites Hotel in Bintulu on 6 August 2014.
The objectives of the workshop are as follows:

  1. To provide an opportunity for SOPPOA members to share knowledge and experiences on Good Agriculture Practices including mills operations
  2. To provide a platform for interaction amongst SOPPOA researchers/presenters and other industry players in Sarawak.

The workshop provided an avenue for SOPPOA members’ plantation companies to share their individual companies’ success in R & D works and achievements in Good Agriculture Practices in plantation activities and mills operations. The workshop included presentations by representatives of SOPPOA member companies and sharing of knowledge and experiences on best practices in our Sarawak oil palm plantation industry.

In conjunction with the workshop, we also took the opportunity to invite senior officials from MPOB to present papers on the latest research findings in the Sarawak oil palm industry as well as updates on Ganoderma and other major diseases in oil palm.

We hope to make this workshop an annual event so that success stories can be shared regularly amoungst our SOPPOA members. This can contribute towards energizing the industry with innovations, best plantation management practices and opportunities in wealth creation.

Subject matters shared

The following nine (9) subject matters were presented/shared at the workshop:

  1. Update of latest research findings in Sarawak palm oil industry by Dr Norman Hj Kamarudin, Director of Biological Research Division, MPOB
  2. Update of R & D on Ganoderma and other major diseases in oil palm by Dr Idris Abu Seman, Head of Ganoderma and Diseases Research for Oil Palm, MPOB
  3. Update of R & D on Termites and Tirathaba by En Zulkefli Masijan, Head of MPOB Research Station, Lahad Datu, Sabah
  4. The effect of nitrogen fertilization on yield of oil palm in tropical peat by Mr Siaw Ting Chuan of Ta Ann Group ( Chair of SOPPOA R & D Sub-committee)
  5. Weed management by Mr Ricky Kong Chiong Kee, Senior Agronomist of Rimbunan Sawit Berhad
  6. Pest and Disease control ( Tirathaba) by Mr Kon Thian Woei, Agronomist in JQ Biotech of Woodman Group
  7. MSPO and ISCC Compliance by Mr Galau Melayong, Assistant Plantation Controller for Certification
  8. Palm oil mill – Biogas Facility by Mr Raymond Lau, Mills Engineer of BBC Group
  9. Effluent desilting system ( comparision between belt press and dewaltering ) by Mr Ngu Leh Wui, Mills Engineer of SOP Group.

Summary of Attendance

  Particulars Number
1 Registered Participants 125
2 MPOB Presenters 3
3 SOPPOA Member Company Presenters 6
4 SOPPOA Office Staff 2
  Total 136

Total Number of Participants

The workshop attracted a total of 125 registered participants, excluding the nine presenters. The companies represented are summarized below:

No Name of Organisations No. of Participants
1 Ta Ann Group 21
2 Samling 1
3 BBC Group 16
4 Subur Tiasa 9
5 Alamwasa Sdn Bhd 1
6 Alto Sdn Bhd 3
7 Jaya Tiasa 16
8 Shin Yang 6
9 Woodman Group 11
10 Mega Jutamas Sdn Bhd 1
11 Jati-Vista 1
13 Sarawak Oil Palms Group 15
14 Seatex Development Sdn Bhd 4
15 Palmhead Holdings 5
16 Sarawak Plantation Berhad 5
17 Solid Oil Palm Plantation Sdn Bhd 4
18 Golden Star 4
Total Participants 125